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Welcome on the main page of the song reader, simple torch application.

These pages are intended to introduce our application Song reader and Simple torch. The Simple Torch is our application for android platform, to create torch application as simple as possible. The Song reader allows users keep songs in digital form and play song along the score on any instrument.

Song reader

Song reader is application to carry music notes to everywhere you go. You don't need to carry music sheets with you, just create the song using phone build-in camera and play as many time as you want. It also simplify scrolling of the song during play as you don't need to turn page by page. The song reader has following advantages:

  • No need to carry paper music sheets.
  • Sort songs in library/directories
  • Automatic song scrolling during play, with possibility to move forward/back
  • Possible to share

Simple torch

Simple torch a plication use phone flashlight and screen as torch. The application is possible to configure to automatically switch ON/OFF light after application start.

  • No need to carry torch
  • Quick start
  • Works on galaxy SII, Galaxy Ace

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