Song Reader

Song reader is application to keep music sheets to everywhere you go. It allows user to simply scroll whole song. This is main reason why the application was created as during playback you don't need to turn page by page.

Our application is available on google market withou any charges. Please support futher development and consider donation

Check also our short video tutorial.

!!! It is possible to prepare song on computer using Song Reader manager

User manual

Song reader is simple application. To use is properly please follow this guide. There is few steps to define new song

  1. Create song
  2. Play song
  3. Delete song
  4. Share song
  5. FAQ

Create song

On main screen click to link Create song. You will get to new screen where you can define whole song including name, directory, and pictures from which the song consist.

Song name - define name of the song, you can use only A-Za-z and space characters. This name(without spaces) is created in SD card as directory where all song files are located.

Song directory - directory under application root. You can type any name for the dictionary. Use only A-Za-z characters. Field is automatically filled with names of already existing directories. This field isn't required and could be leaved empty

Get from camera - use this button to take picture using phone camera. Please keep in mind that picture is taken in camera resolution. It is advice to change resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768. It is also possible to change resolution directly in application (using option menu),
Get existing -
use this button to select picture located on your SD card. This could be possible to use in case that you already have pictures created for example using scanner. Just select it and application copy picture into song directory.

After you finish with step 2, picture will be listed in section Song pages. Meaning of the icons from the left to the right is Move page up, Move page down, Edit(define fragments), Delete page.
It is also possible to use option button to show Rotate all pages 90%, Resize all pages, Play song. Some of these action could took quite a long time, especially when large picture is used, so please be patient.


Edit fragments - use edit icon to setup rows of the song. On this screen you can by drag/drop define fragments which are later connected together and seamlessly played. Red square is used to delete fragment. To scroll the page use arrows in the right/bottom side of the screen or long press. You can also press option button and use Remove fragment, Clear all fragments, Rotate page 90%, Resize to preferred size. Some of these action could took quite a long time, especially when large picture is used, so please be patient.


Application support definiton of various musical symbols like repetition |:......:| or coda, D.S al coda, D.C al coda, etc. It is also possible to set multiple repetition end. See example "For elise". Just be aware, that you can place new start before end of current repetition.

Play song

Play action is accessible from main screen or from edit song screen using option button. If you go through main screen, you can see, that directory set during song creation is used as directory names. Find the song and press Play icon. You can play song only if you already define at least one song fragment.


On the play screen are usual buttons to control scrolling. From the left to the right Play/Pause, Move to start, Move one fragment back, Move forward one fragment, Move to end. It is also possible to change Tempo (speed of the scrolling) or Zoom(how small/big) the rows will be. In title is visible actual position during song playing. Use fingers to move song as you wish during the song play.

Delete song

Song could be deleted from list of song page by using red cross icon. If you want also delete directory/library where the song was located, first delete all song in the directory.

Share song

Pro version also support song shareing. Simple click to button and you will be asked to provide way of sharing. If you than click to any srz file, song reader will be open and allow you to choose song destination.


In case of any question please don't hesitate and contact us.

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