Song reader - manager

Help page for song reader manager.

Application to help manage your song reader files. This is beta version. If you have any kind of problems or suggestion please let me know using contact dialog. Please be aware that you need PRO version to open srz file on your mobile phone. Anyway, you can try this applacation and buy PRO version later. The application requires java runtime.
You can download it using following links:

Create new song

To create new song you have to provide song name, destination where the song will be placed (with srz extension) and image with the song.

Song sheet reader - create new song

Edit song

You can open any existing srz file. After you do that, you will see on left side list of pages, in the middle current page. On right side is located toolbar with available components. Start with adding fragments. Every fragment can contain music symbol. Use drag and drop to place it on the sheet.

Song sheet reader - edit song

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